Marilia Fernandes

Marilia Fernandes

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) (Honours) and Master of Psychology (Clinical Psychology)

Pronouns: She/Her


Marilia is a psychologist who is passionate about providing an affirming therapeutic experience to clients. She strives to create a secure and compassionate space where people can create meaningful change in their lives.


Marilia believes in a client-centred approach to therapy where she aims to understand the unique factors contributing to each person’s challenges. She values her clients’ insights into their difficulties and builds on their input to further the therapeutic process. Marilia works hard to ensure a collaborative and trusting relationship in therapy, drawing on therapeutic interventions that best suit the person and the goals they have for therapy.

Experiences and Interests

Marilia has training and experience in working with adolescents and adults in specialist services in the community and hospital settings in Melbourne and overseas. She has worked with culturally and linguistically diverse populations, as well as organisations providing specialist services for people with autism, OCD, BPD, psychosis and mental health services for young people. In addition to private practice, Marilia also works at an adult inpatient psychiatric unit in a large public hospital. Marilia has interest in working with a diverse range of mental health presentations including depression, anxiety, bipolar affective disorders, stress and life transition-related disorders, relationship difficulties, OCD, BPD, personality disorders, and challenges arising from ADHD and autism.


Marilia draws on a wide range of well-researched therapeutic modalities and interventions including Psychodynamic Therapy (PDT), Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), Mindfulness and Motivational Interviewing.

How is Marilia described by her clients?

Marilia’s clients describe her as being as empathetic, relatable, genuine, warm, and insightful.

Marilia personally

Marilia loves spending time with family and friends. She also loves reading, long walks by the beach, and trying different cuisines.