Do You Suffer From Social Anxiety? Treatment Can Help

Social Anxiety can make you feel on edge and anxious before and during social situations; so much so, that you avoid certain social situations, and withdraw or talk excessively during social gatherings.

Getting social anxiety treatment from a psychologist in Melbourne will help you overcome your anxiety. At Peaceful Mind Psychology, we use the latest research to provide you with the best therapy and outcomes.

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How Can Social Anxiety Treatment Help?

Social Anxiety is a specific type of anxiety; people with Social Anxiety fear being judged, criticised or ridiculed by others. Consequently, this can lead to feeling embarrassed, humiliated or dejected.

Social anxiety is perfectly natural in different situations; for example, it is normal to feel nervous before going on a first date or speaking publicly at a friend’s wedding or birthday. However, when Social Anxiety is persistent and you avoid social events or engage in behaviours that feel somewhat protective (e.g. using your phone to avoid talking), you may be experiencing Social Anxiety Disorder.

Symptoms of social anxiety include:

  • fearing upcoming social events or gatherings
  • feeling anxious during social situations
  • critiquing how you behave after a social event
  • avoiding certain social situations
  • pre-planning upcoming social events, including ways to minimise anxiety
  • perceiving being judged by others
  • physical symptoms, such as a rapid heart rate, flushing or sweating
  • fear of voicing your opinions or asking for help
  • trying very hard to be likable

Social Anxiety treatment in Melbourne

Social Anxiety can affect your overall wellbeing and daily living: You may become lonely and withdrawn from friends due to your fear of social activities; your attendance at work or school might be poor; or you might have difficulty forming new relationships. Social Anxiety can lead to depression and other mental health conditions, like substance abuse and panic attacks.

Social Anxiety treatment comes in many different forms, but talk therapies, such as Cognitive-behaviour Therapy (CBT), are considered to be the most effective. CBT is one of the most commonly used talk therapies for Social Anxiety, due to its extensive research backing for achieving good outcomes. You may seek therapy alone or in conjunction with medication.

If you struggle with Social Anxiety We Can Help

At Peaceful Mind Psychology, we offer Social Anxiety treatment in Melbourne that we personalise to each individual. We work with you to create a treatment plan that suits your specific needs. Our highly skilled psychologists are warm and empathic, making the process of therapy as comfortable and easy as possible.

If you are struggling with Social Anxiety and feel ready for professional support, get in touch today by calling us on 1300 766 870 or by using our online enquiry form. We understand that seeking help can be difficult, but our tailored evidence-based approach will help you overcome your Social Anxiety.

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