Are you looking for a Stress Psychologist in Melbourne?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you could be suffering from stress-related symptoms. We at Peaceful Mind Psychology, a local Armadale clinic established on the values of kindness and empathy, are here to help with a team of highly trained stress psychologists.

Our personalised treatments are designed to understand the root cause of your stress and teach you strategies to overcome your stress and restore balance to your life.

How can a Stress Psychologist help?

Ironically, Stress is actually your body’s way of protecting itself. When you sense danger, your body will trigger an automatic response known as the fight-or-flight response, which releases stress hormones – cortisol and adrenaline – that prepare you to respond quickly and effectively.

Once the threat passes, the physical effects of this reaction should fade and allow your body to return normal. If this doesn’t happen, then you may begin to experience chronic stress symptoms, including:

  • Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, irritable, or fearful
  • Loss of self-esteem and confidence
  • Difficulty concentrating and/or making decisions
  • Headaches and neck pain
  • Fatigue and sleeping difficulties/insomnia
  • A change in eating habits – eating too much or too little, with cravings for high fat, high sugar foods
  • Muscle pains
  • Dizziness or poor vision and/or nausea

Stress can be caused by an event or a sequence of events in your life, even by situations that may have seemed fairly benign at the time. Common causes of stress can range from work problems to family arguments, from personal bereavements to looming work or uni deadlines; even happy occasions like weddings and birthdays can leave you feeling stressed. Stress is designed to be helpful to us, as it is a “call to action” and we tend to perform better under a certain degree of stress. However, if stress is a frequent occurrence and it negatively impacts other areas of your life, then it may be time to seek help. 

What do I do if I’m feeling stressed?

There are some things you can do to manage stress, such as learning time-management techniques, practising controlled breathing or talking to family and friends about what’s going on.

Seeing a psychologist can also help significantly improve stress. At Peaceful Mind Psychology we offer well-researched treatments that are designed to treat stress, including Cognitive-behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT).

There are a range of benefits from seeking psychological treatment for stress, including:

  • Learning practical strategies to help you manage stress in your everyday life
  • Obtaining a generally clearer perspective, with a positive outlook on life
  • Improved sleep, energy levels and productivity
  • Feeling “lighter” and free from the burden of consuming thoughts
  • Improved life satisfaction with more enjoyment in activities and your relationships

How do I find the best Stress Psycologist for me?

It can be difficult to Find a Psychologist that is right for you. However, our Melbourne Psychology Clinic makes it easy for you: We personally match you with with one of our lovely and professional stress psychologists based on your needs and personality. We also offer psychologists who are professionally trained in Clinical Psychology and Child and Adolescents.

If you are interested in setting up an appointment with a skilled stress psychologist, you can call us on 1300 766 870 for a friendly chat, send an email to, or fill in an online enquiry form.

We offer flexible times to suit your needs and are conveniently located opposite Malvern Central. We look forward to hearing from you and working with you to bring peace back into your life.