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Mental health is the single-most important factor when it comes to your ability to enjoy life. Those who find themselves struggling with mental health issues often feel alone. Eating disorders can be especially isolating, because they’re often associated with intense feelings of shame and guilt. This keeps people from reaching out and seeking help when they may need it the most.

Our team at Peaceful Mind Psychology takes a special interest in eating disorders. Our eating disorder treatment programs are evidence-based (including CBT-E), which means they have been proven to work in a clinical setting.

Our psychologists are well trained and experienced in eating disorder therapy, and understand just how complicated life can become with an eating disorder.

Eating disorders can be caused by multiple factors

Eating disorders can arise from multiple sources. Often they start with poor body image and strict dieting.

It is not uncommon for people with eating disorders to experience a life issue or difficulty in their relationships prior to becoming unwell. Research also shows that eating disorders are more likely to arise if there is a family history.

However, there is no one single cause that explains why an eating disorder develops.

At Peaceful Mind Psychology we are well acquainted with the various factors that contribute to an unhealthy relationship with body image and food. It’s never exactly the same for any two people.

However, there is tremendous comfort in knowing that others do feel the same as you. We have helped many clients who suffer from eating difficulties overcome their troubles and get back to living life on their terms.

Our psychologists are warm, caring and invested in your wellbeing

Peaceful Mind Psychology is comprised of psychologists who are warm, caring and invested in your wellbeing. We have been in practise since 2015 and we have grown quickly in that time. Our devotion to kindness, honesty and empathy has contributed to this success. If you’re looking for a kind and warm-hearted approach to eating disorder treatment in Melbourne, we’re here for you.

You will always find a comforting and relaxing environment within our walls. Our psychologists are friendly and relatable. While they are well trained in eating disorder therapy, they also take the time to adapt their approach to the individual. We know that every person is unique and we collaborate with you to achieve your goals and hopes.

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Are your relationships suffering from your eating difficulty?

Sometimes, an eating difficulty can progress to the point where relationships suffer. This can manifest as an inability to go out because you are unhappy with your appearance or skipping family meals because of your strict diet. Other times it shows as an inability to focus while spending time with others, because your thoughts are preoccupied with dietary control.


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