Peaceful Mind Psychology is driven by several core values that underpin how we engage with our work and our place in the community. As a practice we try each day to honour these values:

Practice philosophy

Empathy and kindness: Everyone on our team, both administrative and clinical, is guided primarily by the values of empathy and kindness. This means really listening to each person, aiming to understand their struggle and their needs, and building a collaborative plan that places the person’s wellbeing at the centre. From the first phone call, through to completion of treatment, our aim is for each person to feel heard, cared for, and respected.

Honesty: We value being genuine and honest in our communications and interactions. We aim to find the best psychologist for each person based on their unique needs, and we are open to feedback about our processes and service delivery. We value sincere connection between people, and know that honesty is the first step towards this.

Practice culture

Support: Our values of empathy and kindness don’t just apply to our clients; they are also guiding principles for how we interact with each other as professionals. We pride ourselves on genuinely caring and being highly supportive to all members of our team. This means regularly checking in, listening, and adapting to individual circumstances as needed, and helping our psychologists find the right balance of rewarding work, without risking burnout.

Learning and building for the future: We believe that the best way to improve the future is to learn in the present. Therefore, we have committed to creating an environment of curiosity and lifelong learning in our practice, encouraging psychologists to develop and grow as professionals. We provide extra training and professional development, and encourage our psychologists to pursue their interests in working with new areas.

Our role in the community

Sustainability and accountability: We believe in honouring our environment and working towards a more balanced relationship with nature. In order to do this, we have made steps to cut down our single use plastics in the practice where possible, by using brands like Tirtyl and Zero Co. These brands not only divert plastic from landfill and prioritise a low carbon footprint, but also actively remove waste from our environment, where it can be recycled and reused. We have also sponsored the replanting of coral on the Great Barrier Reef through Zero Co’s partnership with Reef Ecologic.

Community and giving back: We believe in paying it forward, and have committed to supporting organisations that give others opportunities that we might take for granted. We make contributions to the organisation Yalari, which empowers Indigenous children of Australia through education. We also use the brand Who Gives A Crap in the practice, which, aside from being highly sustainable, also donates 50% of its profits to improve access to sanitation and toilets in developing nations.