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How does CBT help with eating disorders?

Located in Armadale, Melbourne, Peaceful Mind Psychology offers CBT for eating disorders, specifically called CBT-E (Cognitive-behavioural Therapy – Enhanced). CBT-E is the gold standard treatment for eating disorders in adults.

CBT-E for eating disorders initially focuses on empowering the individual to understand the nature of their eating disorder, which includes understanding reinforcing factors to the eating disorder. Following such knowledge, you and your psychologist will take informed steps towards changing the pattern of your eating disorder, while simultaneously addressing any unhelpful thoughts and distressing emotions. As you progress through therapy, your psychologist may address obstacles to recovery, including: low self-esteem, unhelpful perfectionism and difficult relationships.

At the end of therapy, you should expect to be maintaining fairly normal eating patterns, including being able to eat a variety of foods and eat socially. While you may experience a degree of anxiety eating certain meals, this anxiety is not overwhelming and continues to dissipate as you naturally continue to progress post-treatment.

So, how can we help you with CBT for eating disorders?

At Peaceful Mind Psychology, we are well trained in CBT-E for eating disorders. Our whole clinic has a special interest in eating disorders: Our psychologists undertake regular training and supervision in the field, to ensure we provide our clients with the best possible treatment. We will also match you with one of our psychologists, because we understand how important the therapeutic relationship is. Some of our treatment options include the following: Read More