Our psychologists are highly trained and skilled in Eating Disorder treatment; we use specialised eating disorder treatments proven by research to be effective.

At Peaceful Mind Psychology, we know recovery is possible with the right treatment and support. We also know how helpless and hopeless individuals and families can feel in their Eating Disorder struggles; we take the time to understand your experience and tailor our approach accordingly.

Did you know?

  • Health professionals require extra professional development beyond their qualifications to treat Eating Disorders?
  • There are specialised treatments JUST for Eating Disorders?
  • With the right treatment, you have a good chance at recovery?
Eating Disorder recovery requires the right professionals around you - it’s a tough journey, you need to feel trust in the process.

Unfortunately, many people who seek help for eating disorders, struggle to find the right health professionals to help them.

We commonly hear:

“I have previously attempted treatment, but achieved little results”

At Peaceful Mind Psychology our psychologists have sought out extra training in Eating Disorders. Our clinic is dedicated to learning and development in the treatment of Eating Disorders.

With the right treatment and support you have the best chance at recovery.

At Peaceful Mind Psychology, we use treatments that are supported by research evidence to achieve the highest recovery rates for Eating Disorders.

Many people battle their Eating Disorders alone, expecting to be able to overcome or “control” their eating patterns. It’s not a sign of weakness to reach out for support, in fact, it’s a sign of strength – you’re pulling together your resources.

You can empower yourself with knowledge and skills to overcome your Eating Disorder.

Peaceful Mind Psychology has a reputation for its exceptional level of support for individuals struggling with an Eating Disorder. However, we also look beyond the individual, and provide support for families and run group therapies.

Peaceful Mind Psychology offers the following Eating Disorder treatment services:

  • Individual treatment of Bulimia, Anorexia, Binge Eating and other eating difficulties
  • Individual support and therapy for carers and families
  • Information sessions for carers and families
  • Group therapy for people with Eating Disorders
  • Dietetic support and management for individuals with an Eating Disorder
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