Psychologists highly skilled in eating disorder treatment

At Peaceful Mind Psychology, we know recovery is possible with the right treatment and support.  We understand how stuck people can feel when they battle an eating disorder – our highly trained Psychologists can help you overcome your eating struggles. We use specialised eating disorder treatment approaches proven by research to be effective.

Overcome your eating struggles

  • Feel calm around food and enjoy eating again
  • No longer obsess over food
  • Gain control over your binge eating
  • Feel confident and comfortable in your body and weight management
Eating Disorder recovery requires the right Psychologist - it’s a tough journey, you need to feel trust in the process.

Find the right psychologist to help you overcome your eating struggles.

At Peaceful Mind Psychology, we match you to one of our skilled eating disorder psychologists based on your personality, preferences and mental health needs. Call us today to be matched.

Feel trust and security with our psychologists.

We are warm and professional with a local reputation for treating eating disorders.

Peaceful Mind Psychology is comprised of professional psychologists who are warm, caring and invested in your wellbeing. Our team have a specialised skillset in the treatment and management of eating disorders. The practice is also devoted to core values of kindness, honesty and empathy, which has contributed to the success and growth of our practice to our three locations in Prahran, Malvern and Armadale.

If you’re looking for a kind and warm approach to eating disorder treatment in Melbourne, our practice is here to support your needs.

With the right treatment and support you have the best chance at recovery.

We use treatments that are supported by research to achieve the best recovery outcomes.

Many people battle their eating disorder alone, expecting to be able to “control” their eating patterns. However, you can stop the struggle by reaching out for support.

Empower yourself with knowledge and skills to overcome your eating struggles.

Our evidence based approach to eating disorder treatment

At Peaceful Mind Psychology our team of psychologists are well educated and experienced in providing specialised support using evidence based therapy for eating disorder treatment. Our treatment approach, combined with our values of empathy, kindness and honesty, ensures you receive the best possible treatment.

We believe in setting goals that move you through the different phases of recovery, but we also understand that this happens at your pace.

As part of our comprehensive treatment approach for eating disorders we collaborate within a multidisciplinary team, including with dieticians and GP’s. We are well connected with like-minded health professionals who are also trained in eating disorder treatment and we work hard within these multidisciplinary teams to achieve your therapy goals.

Peaceful Mind Psychology has a reputation for its exceptional level of support for individuals struggling with an eating disorder. However, we also look beyond the individual, and provide support for families and couples.

Peaceful Mind Psychology offers the following Eating Disorder treatment services:

  • Individual treatment of bulimia, anorexia, binge eating and other disordered eating
  • Individual support and therapy for carers and families
  • Information sessions for carers and families
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Resources and Emergency Support

The Butterfly Foundation has an abundance of resources online which can assist your recovery journey alongside receiving professional support and treatment.

If you are experiencing an acute crisis, please do not hesitate to call one of the following:

Ambulance:  000

Lifeline: 13 11 14

Beyond Blue: 1300 224 636