Peaceful Mind Psychology is a unique private practice that offers ‘on the job’ eating disorder training to our psychologists in our team. By applying learning as you go to a small number of clients with EDs in your caseload, you will become a competent and confident eating disorder clinician. Our practice is one of the few accredited NEDC private training providers in Australia, training you in CBT-E for the treatment of adults and adolescents with eating disorders and preparing you for eating disorder accreditation. Our training aims to achieve:

  • Confidence in treatment planning; no matter the complexity
  • A breadth of knowledge and skills to shift “stuck” eating disorder symptoms
  • Clinical case work discussion to consolidate your learning as you progress
  • Accredited training to set you up for individual ANZAED accreditation in eating disorders
Become confident & competent in working with eating disorders

We take out the complexity of eating disorder treatment by providing a clear sequence of how to approach treatment. We teach you how to adjust your treatment plan according to each client’s individual presentation. By the end of training, you should feel confident to know “what” to address “when” without needing to rely on a handbook.


Acquire a breadth of knowledge and skill

We teach you all the skills and techniques contained within CBT-E. We aim for you to feel armed with ways to help your clients, so both you and your client feel momentum and avoid feeling stuck. We review how techniques land in your client work and trouble shoot obstacles that arise.

We teach in bite size 2-hour training sessions alongside your work with clients with eating disorders. We find that our psychologists learn with ease, and become confident & competent by applying their learning as they progress through training. Our training runs for 6 months and occurs fortnightly with small groups, which allows for openness in case discussions and learning.

Be recognised by ANZAED as an accredited eating disorder treatment provider

Our practice is one of the few accredited NEDC private training providers in Australia. We require that prior to commencing our training, you complete an accredited introduction training course (e.g. online course; Inside Out: The Essentials). This means at the end of our training at Peaceful Mind, you will have completed the training requirements for obtaining ANZAED accreditation.

Interested in joining our team and undertaking eating disorder training?

We offer contracting psychologist ED training positions at two points in the year. Our next training commencement date is in October 2022 followed by March 2023. To apply for a position, please send in an application according to our Careers page expressing your interest in our eating disorder training.