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Do you live in the Melbourne area and require General Anxiety Treatment?

At Peaceful Mind Psychology, we have several psychologists who take a special interest in the treatment of anxiety. They are experienced and skilled in therapies that have been proven by research to achieve significant positive outcomes. Our psychologists also understand how important it is to make our clients feel comfortable to talk about their anxieties.

Our experienced and dedicated team of psychologists offer personalised generalised anxiety treatment in Melbourne that aims to improve the quality of your day to day life.

How do you know if you need treatment for general anxiety?

It is very common for people to experience the emotions of anxiety or nervousness, particularly during stressful events or periods of additional pressure from external sources. For example, it is perfectly natural for someone to feel anxious or nervous before a job interview or when meeting someone new.

Unfortunately for some people, these feelings of anxiety and nervousness are more commonplace and occur frequently in day to day situations that would typically be perceived as harmless. You may also experience chronic worry and find it difficult to switch off. This may affect your sleep and you may find yourself seeking reassurance from loved ones. If you experience intense feelings of anxiety or worry frequently, then you may be suffering from anxiety and benefit from  treatment for General Anxiety.

Do you need treatment and support?

General anxiety might be difficult to detect, especially because you may feel your anxiety is necessary and required to help you avoid negative outcomes. However, if you experience excessive worry on a regular basis, about a variety of things, then you will likely benefit from psychological treatment. Read More