COVID-19 Update - Offering telehealth phone and video consultations

Are you looking for a good psychologist in Melbourne?

At Peaceful Mind Psychology, we have an entire team of good quality psychologists. Our practice began in 2015, and since then, we have grown into a team of 9 psychologists, due to our reputation of delivering a high standard of care. While our psychologists have varied experience in different areas of mental health, we all share personality qualities of being caring, compassionate, conscientious and professional.

We are located just a 20-minute drive from the Melbourne CBD in Armadale and you can find our practice directly opposite Malvern Central. Finding us on public transport is just as easy too – there are multiple tram stops just at our front door and Malvern Station is less than 5 minutes’ walk from our practice.

Okay, but how can you help me?

At our practice, we won’t settle for you feeling anything less than completely satisfied, understood, and showing improvements in your wellbeing. One of the advantages of booking with us is that we don’t just have one good psychologist in Melbourne; we have a whole team of psychologists who maintain a very high standard of care. We have the ability to help you start your recovery process for a wide range of mental health issues, including:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Low self-esteem
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Eating disorders and poor body image

…and many more. Read More