A photo of Peaceful Mind's Prahran Practice location

Welcome to Our Prahran Sanctuary

Our Prahran Psychology Practice

I’m constantly on the look-out for nice new practice locations. I have very strict criteria when I’m looking, starting with “is there good coffee close by?” followed by “do you have to hustle for a car park?”.

However, when I saw the Prahran practice for the first time, I instantly knew it was the right practice for Peaceful Mind – I guess it was like love at first sight!

Firstly, the Prahran practice is so charming (and I’m a sucker for charm!). It is a Victorian style home with a beautiful front veranda with old fashion tiles when you walk in. It also has a lovely hallway with high ceilings and natural light in every room.

Secondly, it is situated in the quieter leafy part of Prahran where you can easily get a car park without trawling the streets. And there is a cute café called Spoonful a few doors down opposite the practice.

But perhaps the most important things I considered in choosing the Prahran practice (knowing the honeymoon phase would eventually be over!) was that it met my strict criteria:

✔ easy parking

✔ good coffee

✔ windows in every room

✔ accessible via public transport

✔ disability access

Practical things to know about the Prahran Practice

Location: The practice is located on High street opposite the BP Petrol Station near the corner of Highbury street.

Car parking: You can park either off High street, but be mindful of the tow-away between 7-9am on one side and 4:30-6:30pm on the other side. There is also parking down Highbury Street, the corner street near our practice.

Waiting room: We only have a small waiting area, so please arrive on time for your appointment to reduce crowding.

Why we opened a practice in Prahran?

Peaceful Mind Psychology started in 2017 as a humble small practice of 5 psychologists in Armadale. However, we quickly expanded to include a cute practice in Hawthorn in 2019, and now we’re a team of 28 psychologists and need more room; hence, our Prahran practice.

Peaceful Mind Psychology was born out of the philosophy that a good psychologist is warm and genuine: We don’t believe in a clinical approach or what I’ve coined the “clip board approach” (picture a psychologist sitting back in a chair peering down at you from their clip board). Based on this philosophy, Peaceful Mind Psychology only recruits warm and genuine psychologists. This approach has had a ripple effect: Our clients are happy; our psychologists enjoy working with our clients; people talk and refer to us!

What’s Peaceful Mind Psychology doing differently this year?

Peaceful Mind Psychology is taking on a new project to address the eating disorder bottleneck in the community. If you haven’t already heard about this, basically there are not enough psychologists (or health professionals in general) to help our community of people with eating disorders. Eating disorder treatment is a highly specialised intervention that requires long-term or intensive training. Unfortunately, the pandemic has seen a huge increase in eating disorders, which has been estimated to have doubled¹. With not enough trained professionals to treat eating disorders, help-seekers are on wait lists for months, and even some specialist clinics have closed their books.

Since the establishment of Peaceful Mind Psychology, we have taken an interest in treatment of eating disorders and poor body image. In particular, we often recruit psychologists with eating disorder training and experience, as well as provide internal professional development in eating disorder treatment. However, since the increased demand for psychologists skilled in eating disorder treatment, our practice has committed to formally training and up-skilling new psychologists at our practice. So far, we have over ten new psychologists involved in intensive eating disorder training and another 5 experienced psychologists undertaking further development in their treatment skills.

Due to our commitment in supporting people with eating disorders, Peaceful Mind Psychology currently has the highest number of psychologists trained in eating disorders in Melbourne.