Telehealth Agreement

Psychological Service via Telehealth

Please read the following agreement as it applies to Telehealth consultations with your psychologist. Your attendance to your Telehealth session is taken as consent to this Telehealth Agreement.

Provision of a Telehealth Service

Where appropriate the service may be provided by telephone or videoconferencing. You are responsible for the costs associated with setting up the technology needed so you can access Telehealth services. Peaceful Mind Psychology will be responsible for the cost of the call to you and the cost associated with the platform used to conduct Telehealth services.

To access Telehealth consultations, you will need access to a quiet, private space; and an appropriate device, i.e. smartphone, laptop, iPad, computer, with a camera, microphone and speakers; and a reliable broadband internet connection.

The privacy of any form of communication via the internet is potentially vulnerable and limited by the security of the technology used. While platforms such as Coviu are more secure forms of communication, our preferred video conferencing platform is Zoom due to its reliability in connection. Please read further information on Zoom’s security – Telehealth sessions are not to be recorded in any way.

Limitations of Telehealth

A Telehealth consultation may be subject to limitations such as an unstable network connection which may affect the quality of the psychology session. Therefore, we need a back-up plan (e.g. phone number where you can be reached) to restart the session or reschedule it. We also strictly require your compliance with a safety plan including at least one emergency contact and the closest emergency room to your location, in the event of a crisis situation. In addition, there may be some services for which Telehealth is not appropriate or effective. Your psychologist will consider and discuss with you the appropriateness of ongoing Telehealth sessions.

Private Health Insurance

If you are planning on claiming a rebate for your psychology session via your private health insurance, we recommend you confirm with your provider whether they reimburse psychology when conducted via Telehealth.