Peaceful Mind Psychology Hawthorn

Introducing Our Hawthorn Psychology Practice

Our New Hawthorn Psychology Practice

To accomodate our ever-growing practice in Armadale, we are setting up a sister practice in Hawthorn. Our doors will open on August the 19th, 2019.

I have been looking for a new practice location for over one year, uhming and arghing over things like:

  • Where can people park?
  • Does this practice feel warm enough or is it too sterile?
  • Are there cafes nearby with good coffee ?
  • How do you travel via public transport?

Yip, I admit, I’m slightly perfectionistic! But, I feel on this occasion my fussiness has paid off! As our new practice ticks all the boxes and is…ah…perfect!!

Comfort at our Hawthorn psychology practice.

Our Hawthorn psychology practice is warm, inviting, and convenient. I think the thing I love most about our Hawthorn practice is that there are windows in every room (I am true believer that light boosts your mood). As a close second to the windows, there is a cool cafe next door. Having tested the coffee (a few times now), I can say it’s “Melbourne brilliant standard” – phew.

Convenience at our Hawthorn psychology practice.

Our Hawthorn psychology practice has a tram that runs down Riversdale Road that stops literally out the front! As well, Glenferrie Station is only a 14 minute walk from our practice. The practice is also in a small commercial strip with plenty of parking either side of Riversdale Road.

Our Psychologists at Hawthorn

A few of our current psychologists – Emily Burton, Freyja Lysne-Sherwood and Ruth Lonie – will be working one day per week at the new Hawthorn location. Emily, Freyja and Ruth are very warm and well-trained in evidence-based therapies. They also have a diverse set of skills and experience across various areas of mental health (read more on our team). We will also be introducing a few new psychologists to the practice, including Sally Whiteside, who offers couples therapy, among other services.

The opening of our Hawthorn psychology practice is an exciting part of our story at Peaceful Mind Psychology. It marks the start of a new venture, which we hope brings our clients as much joy and wellbeing as our humble and beautiful practice in Armadale does.

Our Practice’s Story

I started Peaceful Mind Psychology in 2016, hiring my first psychologist initially to help me with an overflow of referrals. I had previously been on my own in private practice for one year. At the time, I kept things simple: I had no reception, no eftpos machine and no website. The simplicity of my practice gave me time to focus on what I did best: Provide therapy to my clients.

However, after hiring my first psychologist, I realised I wanted more from my small practice.

The psychologist I hired shared my values of honestly, kindness and empathy. She was also genuine and warm in her approach to therapy, and hard working and dedicated to her psychology work.

I had purposely chosen someone who shared these values, as I’ve always believed that clients need a warm, genuine and invested approach to therapy to feel trust in their relationship with their psychologist. I believe that therapy is is most effective and clients achieve the best outcomes if they feel this trust.

After a few months of having hired my new psychologist, Peaceful Mind Psychology’s reputation grew…and grew… 

For me, the growth of the practice started to confirm my belief: That people need genuine warm psychologists who are dedicated, and nothing less.

I found this to be extremely rewarding, as on a larger scale I could see the potential for growth of a practice that helped many people. I found myself with a new dream: Could I create a practice full of warm, genuine and conscientious psychologists? And could I run the practice in a warm and genuine way that allowed our psychologists to feel supported and passionate about their work? What would this mean for our clients and their families?

Since 2016, almost 3 years later, we are now a team of ten psychologists. We are so busy that we have filled our practice rooms in Armadale and need a new home to accomodate our growth.

So, what now for Peaceful Mind Psychology?

Currently we are setting up our Hawthorn practice. The practice is currently full of boxes containing furniture and it looks like there has been a snow storm of instruction manuals. Wish me luck! Deep breath.

But on the 19th of August our practice doors will be open. The practice will be lovely: Warm, professional and comfortable.

We hope you enjoy! Please feel free to provide us feedback on your experience, as it’s our clients opinions that matter most to us!