Psychologist Melbourne Freyja Lysne-Sherwood

Introducing Psychologist, Freyja Lysne-Sherwood

When I first met Freyja, it was for an interview for a job at our practice. Usually when I conduct interviews, I notice I tend to feel apprehensive and hopeful: I desperately wish the candidate will fit my criteria of being experienced, warm, conscientious and genuine.

However, my interview with Freyja was different. My hopefulness and apprehension quickly dissipated; I felt comforted and reassured straight away. Freyja immediately ticked all the boxes I use when hiring psychologists, and in particular, I was struck by her genuine nature.

Since Freyja has joined our team, she has proven she is as wonderful psychologist as she is person. A true reflection of Freyja’s skill as a psychologist is that her diary is already full, and she only started with us in June. Freyja is also a pleasure to work with professionally, as she is easy going in her nature, kind, honest, humble and has a good sense of humour.

Psychology Training

Freyja has masters training in clinical psychology, which equips her with skills to assess and support people with varying severity of mental health problems, including severe and complex difficulties. Freyja particularly focused her training on adolescent and adult populations.

Experience and Interests

Most early career psychologists tend to shy away from working in more specialised areas of mental health. However, Freyja has taken a particular interest in helping people overcome trauma and process grief. As well, Freyja has an interest supporting individuals who may be facing major health conditions, including chronic conditions and physical trauma from accidents.

As is more common experience amongst psychologists, Freyja is also skilled in helping individuals overcome anxiety, stress, low self-esteem and mood difficulties. Freyja has gained most of her experience working in private hospital and outpatient settings.

In her current private practice work, Freyja mainly consults clients with depression, anxiety, stress, relationship issues, low self-esteem and trauma-related issues. However, more recently Freyja has developed an interest and experience working with clients with eating disorders and poor body image.


Freyja believes that the key to positive change in therapy is a strong therapeutic relationship based on trust and openness. Freyja shows genuine empathy and care towards her clients, which allows them to feel comfortable to share their difficulties.

Freyja first takes the time to develop a deep understanding of her client’s difficulties. Freyja then works collaboratively with her clients to achieve their goals using various skills and strategies.

In her therapy approach, Freyja highly values the inclusion of other significant parties in a client’s life, and ensures she communicates regularly with parents, teachers, and schools when needed.


Freyja is collaborative in her approach to therapy, incorporating elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), and Mindfulness based therapies. Freyja sets goals with her clients early on in therapy and works alongside them to together create change.

How do Freyja’s Clients Describe Her?

Freyja’s clients describe her as warm, nurturing and insightful. Freyja is also recognised by her clients as being highly conscientious and thoughtful in her approach.

Freyja Personally

In her spare time, Freyja enjoys spending time with her friends and family, and travelling and exploring new places. Freyja comes from a Norwegian background and loves visiting her family and friends in Norway.