Erin Sinclair

Erin Sinclair

Educational and Developmental Psychologist
Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours), Master of Psychology (Educational and Developmental), Credentialed Eating Disorders Clinician (ANZAED)

Pronouns: She/Her

Erin is a compassionate and warm psychologist whose values are honesty, balance, authenticity, and flexibility. Erin understands the courage and vulnerability it takes to make the first step to access psychological support. Erin has achieved endorsement in Educational and Developmental Psychology.


Erin strives to create a non-judgemental and safe space where clients feel comfortable and at ease discussing their goals and challenges. Taking an empathetic approach, she aims to collaborate with her client’s to set achievable goals, clarify their values and what is important to them in their life stage.

Erin emphasises the importance of a therapeutic alliance and a strong connection through honest communication, reflective listening and being genuine. Erin understands that everyone’s life is different and believes in meeting a client where they are at, with an individualised approach. Each client brings their own strengths and life experience, which Erin attempts to highlight and celebrate so they can be their authentic self in the therapy space.

Erin creates a LGBTQI+ safe environment and adopts a neuro-diverse affirming approach to her practice. She also appreciates a preventative approach to maintain wellbeing in the face of change.

Experience and Interests

Erin has worked with individuals across the lifespan from childhood to parenthood, from a range of cultural backgrounds. She has worked in a variety of settings including private practice, non-for-profit organisations as well as school and educational systems. Erin has a wealth of experience working with children and adolescences aged between 2-14 years, mainly with anxiety, Autism and OCD presentations. Further, Erin has worked in multidisciplinary teams, so understands that collaborating with other allied health professionals is necessary to gain the best outcomes for clients.

Erin takes an evidence-based approach to mental health care. Her interest areas include anxiety, OCD, grief, trauma, relationship difficulties and parenting support. She also supports individuals with ASD and ADHD.

Erin has more recently been interested in the treatment of eating disorders, poor body image and disordered eating in ASD, and is recognised as a Credentialed Eating Disorders Clinician by the Australian and New Zealand Academy for Eating Disorders (ANZAED).


Erin takes a person-centred, positive psychology approach and utilises a range of different therapies to support her clients and their individual needs. These include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Interpersonal Therapy (IPT), Exposure and Response Prevention therapy (ERP), as well as Relaxation and Mindfulness-based therapies. Erin likes to up-skill clients and their relevant networks around them (e.g. social, school, family) to further enhance wellbeing.

How is Erin Described by Her Clients?

Erin’s clients describe her as empathetic, authentic, friendly, and reliable. Erin is a caring professional who strives for her clients to feel heard.

                                                                    Erin Personally

Erin is an animal lover who enjoys gardening and visiting green spaces – you will often find her visiting local parks and gardens. She enjoys walking, Pilates and Yoga. She also enjoys spending time with loved ones and trying new restaurants.