Are you in need of a Clinical Psychologist in Melbourne?

Melbourne has a variety of psychology practices, offering a range of support across all areas of mental health. For people living in Melbourne who need to find a Clinical Psychologist, there are a broad range of services and professionals available.

Despite the availability of professional help, most people tend to delay seeking support, often enduring their struggles for a prolonged period. When you ignore your mental health, everyday life can be affected, including you may have difficulty socialising, trouble attending or performing work, and problems with self care. 

How to select the ideal Clinical Psychologist in Melbourne

Melbourne’s clinical psychologist’s focus their skills on supporting individuals with common mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, but they can also can be trained in special areas, such as PTSD and eating disorders. . Depending on their training and experience, clinical psychologists can support individuals with  a range of issues, including (but not limited to):

When choosing a Clinical Psychologist, consider the different interest areas and treatment focuses that the various clinics and practitioners might have. It is also worthwhile considering your own personal preferences, such as the age, gender or personality of your psychologist.

Booking an Appointment: Taking the First Step Towards Wellness

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Understanding the difference: Psychologist vs. Clinical Psychologist

There is a common misconception that psychologists and clinical psychologists are identical. However, differences exist in their training and education. While both can treat similar client types, clinical psychologists have postgraduate degrees in Clinical Psychology rather than internship training following their undergraduate studies or different post graduate degrees in other areas, such as Educational and Developmental Psychology. Additionally, the Medicare rebate differs between the two, with clinical psychologists receiving a higher rebate.

To see a psychologist under a mental healthcare plan prepared by your GP, the rebate is $92.90. Whereas, to see a clinical psychologist, the rebate is $136.35.

In saying that, most clinics and psychologists adjust their fees to close the gap between seeing a psychologist versus clinical psychologist.

We’ve produced an article that looks in-depth at the differences between a psychologist and a clinical psychologist that you can read about here.

Experience compassionate care with Peaceful Mind Psychology’s Clinical Psychologists in Melbourne.

At Peaceful Mind Psychology, our team, primarily trained in Clinical Psychology, is known for their warmth, empathy, and compassionate care. We offer evidence-based treatments for a variety of mental health issues, including anxiety, depression, stress, relationship difficulties, sleep issues, low self-esteem, chronic health challenges, and trauma. Our clinic also takes a special interest in eating disorders and body image issues in young people above 17 years and in adults. 

We also offer help and support to family members.

With clinics in Armadale, Prahran, and Hawthorn, Peaceful Mind Psychology is conveniently located in different parts of Melbourne. Call 1300 766 870 to speak with  a friendly person from our support team or complete our online contact form to make an appointment. You can request a specific Psychologist or allow us to match you with a psychologist who aligns with your unique needs and personality.

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Beyond Blue has an abundance of fantastic resources online which can assist your recovery journey alongside connecting you with expert, professional support.

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