Myles Medwell

Myles Medwell

Bachelor of Psychological Science, Graduate Diploma of Psychological Science, Master of Professional Psychology, Master of Clinical Psychology

Pronouns: He/Him

Myles is a warm, passionate, and friendly early career psychologist. He brings a safe, warm and non-judgemental environment for the open expression of thoughts and feelings. Myles is particularly passionate about delivering psychological services to adults and older adults


Myles approaches therapy with a client-centred focus, valuing establishing a strong therapeutic relationship. He recognises that each individual experiences unique challenges and strives to understand their personal journeys and stories thoroughly. In addition to helping clients identify and challenge negative thought patterns, Myles also incorporates psychodynamic and logotherapy techniques into his approach. Logotherapy emphasises the importance of finding meaning and purpose in life for improved mental health and well-being. The psychodynamic component allows for exploring unconscious patterns and past experiences that may contribute to difficulties and shape current thoughts and behaviours. Through this integrated approach, Myles assists clients in gaining insight into their conscious and unconscious patterns, developing more adaptive ways of thinking, and finding meaning and purpose in their lives, leading to greater fulfilment and well-being. The warm and empathetic relationship between the client and therapist is the foundation for this transformative work.

Experiences and Interests

Myles has experience working across a range of settings, including outpatient mental health, cardiology, private practice, public mental health, and transdiagnostic services. Across these settings, Myles has provided psychological services to families, children, adults and those across the lifespan experiencing heart disease. He has a particular interest in working with clients with depression and anxiety, those undergoing chronic health complaints, those with heart or cardiovascular disease, men’s mental health, trauma, perfectionism, emotional dysregulation, anger management, meaning-centred concerns or those that seek general improvement to their own mental wellbeing.


Myles draws upon various evidence-based approaches tailored to support his clients’ needs. Mainly Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Motivational Interviewing, and Logotherapeutic and Psychodynamic techniques and strategies.

How is Myles described by his clients?

Myles’ clients describe him as friendly, empathetic, kind, and supportive. Myles is known to bring a very friendly approach that allows clients to feel heard, safe and understood.

Myles personally

Myles considers himself an avid gym rat, adventurous, nerdy, a lover of food, and a bookworm and enjoys spending time with his friends, family and partner.